Coconut Point - FAQs
How do I rent a car?
There are NO large agencies like Hertz, Budget, National, etc.--only local residents who have cars they
rent to tourists. The vehicles are almost always older models, so please be prepared for that.

For guests of Coconut Point, our caretaker, John Gibson, would be happy to arrange for a car rental at
the current rate. When making your Coconut Point reservation, please let us know if you are interested in
a car rental.

Are passports necessary to enter the Bahamas?
Yes, you must have a passport.

What kind of currency is accepted in the Bahamas?
The Bahamian dollar is the currency in the Bahamas. It is equal to the U.S. dollar. U.S. dollars are
accepted anywhere. There are a few places that accept credit cards but plan on bringing plenty of
cash--MOST PLACES ONLY ACCEPT CASH. If you need extra cash there are two banks in Governors
Harbor. You cannot use your credit card for any rental car or gas purchases.

What is the weather like in the Bahamas?
Average daily temperatures In the winter:
Maximum: 77°F/25°C.; Minimum 65°F/18°C.

Average daily temperatures in the summer:
Maximum: 88°F/33°C.; Minimum: 75°F/25°C.

Water temperature in the Bahamas is never below 72° F.

More than 340 sunny days per year.

The Bahamas is in the region between the sub-tropical and tropical climatic belts, getting a pleasant
breeze most of the time (Bahamas Breeze!).

Are there grocery stores nearby?
Yes, but selection is limited and stores are small. If you plan on doing a lot of cooking, the grocery store
in Rock Sound, which is about 30 minute south of Coconut Point, has the largest selection. There are
two grocery stores in Governors Harbor and a few very small stores selling the basics in Palmetto Point.
We also recommend bringing a cooler filled with frozen meats (steaks, ground beef, chicken breast,
shrimp) from home. Fresh fish can be purchased from the fishermen in the afternoon at the docks in
Tarpum Bay and Governors Harbor. Fresh fruits and vegetables are not always plentiful and cannot be
brought in from the United States. However, the Island Farm (just north of Double Bay on the Queens
Highway near Palmetto Point) is a great place to buy whatever produce is in season as well as their
farm-made salad dressings and fresh baked breads.

How can I access the internet?
There is DSL internet service at Coconut Point. There are also several public places to access the
internet. Each charges varying fees for usage

Haynes Library, Governors Harbor (wireless and cable internet)
Internet Cafe, Cupids Cay
Sunset Inn, Governors Harbor

What is the beach like?
Double Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches on Eleuthera. From Coconut Point, the wide beach
extends about 2 miles to the south along Double Bay and about 3 miles to the north toward Palmetto
Point. There is a small palapa deck and a set of stairs for easy beach access. The sand is pink and you
can enter the water barefoot just about anywhere along the bay. There are many coral reefs in the bays
accented by two gorgeous cays (Diamond & Gut) which provide plenty of sea life for snorkeling, scuba
diving and fishing. Year-round there is a wide swath of soft, pink sand in front of Coconut Point.
Occasionally tropical storms and currents can shift the sands, exposing smooth limestone rocks in the
water. If you go south for 100 yards or so there will be non-rocky points of entry into the water. Each
season is different depending on the currents in the Atlantic.

Coconut Point is also a short drive (a mile or two) from Ten Bay Beach on the "Caribbean" side of the
island. Occasionally the Atlantic side can get windy and Ten Bay Beach is usually calmer during windy
days. It's also a great beach for kids, as the water is shallow and clear for a long way. Ten Bay is also a
good shelling beach.
View of beach directly in front of Coconut Point
Gourmet Kitchen and Bar at Coconut Point
Bunk Room at Coconut Point (two twin and one double bed)
Master Bath Shower at Coconut Point
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